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at Bombay Rock
This Gopher Broke is gunna be a something I tell ya what!
Headlining is the song machine Whiskey Dram pumping out old folk tunes to rhythms ya can thrash around to.
And before that Uncle Ben’s Last Words, who are a real sick Emo Folk band and you should listen to their new EP.
What can I say about the Dead Peasants, they’ve played most of the Gopher Broke shows, come and see them and you’ll know why.
Bri is one third of UBLW but is a star in her own right.
And opening the night is my dear friend BrodyGreg, ever been to Launceston? BrodyGreg’s tunes will take you across the bass Strait without a boat or plane
So come on by around 5ish.
The beer is cheap,
And there’s no cover charge.
See youse there!

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