//The Sweets Celebrate Their 10 Year Milestone at Bombay Rock!

The Sweets Celebrate Their 10 Year Milestone at Bombay Rock!

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A milestone will be celebrated this weekend at Bombay Rock with The Sweets hosting their 10th birthday gig Saturday 12th October. A lot can happen in a year, well imagine 10. These guys have been jamming and writing music together since their university days. With countless songs and memories, this momentous time is well worth a celebration. The band shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Get stuck into this quick and sweet read about their journey together, music and upcoming gig.

So it’s The Sweets 10th birthday! How does it feel?

Will: Feels a little surreal to be honest. We’re all just close mates who happen to be in a band together so when we look back on the last 10 years, it looks like it’s been a long time, but it’s honestly just flown by. 

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It’s quite an accomplishment! What has been the most rewarding thing about it?

Will: The most rewarding thing about being in the band is staying close as friends. As you get older in life friends come and go, but being in the band has kept us all together no matter what direction our lives have taken and there’s still nothing more fun than getting up on stage together and playing a few tunes for an hour or so. 

Where did you meet?

Will: Pato, Ash and Liam all went to school together and were already in a band. Once they left school the band fell apart when the bass player quit. They still had a few gigs booked so Pato asked me, his mate from uni, if I wanted to fill in on the bass. After those gigs we all decided what we had was working so we kept it going and The Sweets were born.

Tell us about the first gig for The Sweets?

Will: Our first gig as the Sweets was at the Freeza Battle of the Bands in Footscray. We played a bunch of originals and a few covers and honestly thought we had it locked up. Unfortunately we were robbed on the day coming in second and we’ve had a grudge against the “Headliner” act the Choice Cuts ever since, FTCC!    

What was your music like when you started the band?

Pato: Our early songs were pretty raw. Mainly because our instruments and equipment were along the cheaper side. Our Myspace genre was classified as ‘Garage Rock’.

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How do you feel your music has changed since then?

Pato: All of our music tastes have changed and expanded over the years and naturally it has changed how we write music. Off the back of the last question, newer and better equipment has been added and matured our sound. 

What sort of line-up can we expect from The Sweets on the 12th October at Bombay Rock?

Pato: We’ll be bringing our new artillery for the show with the 5 songs we’re planning on recording soon. A few tracks from our Temples EP,  the first song we ever wrote and a surprise cover!

Could you tell us about the bands craziest tour story?

Pato: 3 of us got into Berghain in Berlin. We haven’t discussed it since.

All-time favourite song of The Sweets?

Ash: It’s hard to pick just one, but I think we’d agree that St. Marks is the favourite child. It was the start of us adding a little more thought to our writing and became the feature song of our first EP.

Do you have plans for more new music?

Ash: Yes! We have a batch of new songs ready to record, so it’s just a matter of getting into the studio. Our song writing has definitely improved over the years so we’re all very keen to release some new stuff.

Nice! What about plans for some more touring?

Ash: When we launch the new EP we’ll get gigging around Melbourne and do a tour up the east coast.

Where can fans listen to and buy your music?

Ash: thesweetsaus.bandcamp.com to download our last EP and available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

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Catch The Sweets this Saturday night at Bombay Rock for killer show that will absolutely rock your socks off!

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