//The Balls Bring Their New Single Blood On The Line To Brunswick!

The Balls Bring Their New Single Blood On The Line To Brunswick!

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On the cusp of dropping their new single, Ryan Page from The Balls took some time to talk to us about recording, touring and their new music.

How long have The Balls been together?

Well I guess since 2011, but to be honest those first coupla years were just jammin..

You’re just about to release your new single “Blood On The Line” at Bombay Rock! How are you feeling about it?

Pretty bloody good actually!! It’s heavy, it’s fast, it moves…

How did the song writing process go for this single?

Razor brought a riff in, we messed with it as we usually do, and it came alive, it’s a weird thing but when it works there’s nothing like it.

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Blood On The Line was recorded at Beveridge Road Recording Studio – How was your experience there?

Sensational!!! That’s all I’ll say! Except it’s awesome, you can live there, create, party, enjoy!! it has an awesome live room, with a great drum sound and Marc’s a legend. And there’s a dog.

You have done a fair bit of touring over the years, what does a day in the life of The Balls look like?
Constricting!! No but really, it all starts with kicking out the various models from the hotel (non gender specific of course), attack a fresh pot of coffee, put on some tunes, maybe Astrodeath or Australian Kingswood Factory or DuneEater or Planet Of The 8s, you get it right?? Devour a mountain of hash browns with a side of bacon, quick jacuzzi, wake up and go to work and wish that was all real.

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What states and countries have you played in this year? 

A state of shock… I guess Germany.. they love it…it’s amazing, no question just support, but also Brunswick .. they love it too, we just played up on the Gold Coast last weekend and they went hard, and they were all so well tanned. We’d love to get to Norway.

What has been your favourite gig this year? 

Of ours? Hard to say, but maybe Thursday coming…? Bombay Rock is always a great party.

Do you have plans for more new music?
Yes! But first we gotta learn how to play the new record live, we’re launching it in October at last Chance. So yeah after that’s done and toured the process starts all over again.

Where can fans listen to and buy “Blood On The Line”? (drop a link!)


Catch the Balls at Bombay Rock Thursday September 26 for the public holiday eve, with Australian Kingswood Factory, Monarchus and AstroDeath who will be releasing their debut album.

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