//Rock For Lifeline – Local Musicians Rock For Mental Health

Rock For Lifeline – Local Musicians Rock For Mental Health

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After the loss of a close friend to suicide, Geelong locals Sally Jay and Aaron Croft decided to put together the first Rock For Lifeline as a means of coping with thier greif whilst also raising funds and awareness for a growing issue. Now in its 6th year, they are bringing the event to Melbourne for the first time with the intention to keep growing and raising more money, community awareness and support for the issue.

We took the opportunity to ask Aaron a few questions before the big show Saturday September 21st.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. When and how did this awesome event begin?

In 2014 we lost our best buddy Ken. He left us way too early. Later that year in September as part of Suicide Awareness week we put on a free show at our local the Barwon Club, and raised $400 in donations. Sal and I looked at each other and said “Lets do this every year”. It helps us deal with what happened and is all for a good cause.

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Why did you choose Rock as the genre?

Because we love it, and so did Kenny.

Do you love rocking out on the night as much as everyone who attends?

Oh yes, we’re there all night, we love music.

You have quite a big line up, has this aspect of the event increased since the start?

Yes, this the biggest line-up so far. With an all-star line-up of local talent for our 6th year, and this is our first outing in Melb. The event is usually only held in Geelong, but this year we have 2 gigs – an acoustic show on the 14th of September in Geelong and the rock show at Bombay Rock on the 21st of September. Each year we raise more money than the last, so yeah its growing nicely, whilst still very much an underground movement, relying on community.

Bombay Rock Live Music Brunswick

What is your most memorable moment since running Rock For Lifeline?

When my band $2 Peeps played at the 2015 Rock For Lifeline at the Carlton Hotel in Geelong, it was such an honour.

This work must be very rewarding, do you have future plans for the event?

More quality rock and roll shows. I’d like to tour it further in the future, or have multiple shows happening on the same night in different venues around Vic.

Is there a message you would like to send to people who are currently struggling to cope?

Reach out to a friend or to Lifeline, nothing wrong with asking for help.

Lastly, are you excited for your event at Bombay Rock?

Can’t wait, this year we have some real heavy weights in the Melb music scene, and some of my personal favs, so I’m really looking forward to that. And I get to play in my band pocket elvis.

Rock for Lifeline will light candles on the night for the gone too soon, dearly departed. Be sure to join in Saturday September 21st.

Bombay Rock Live Music Brunswick

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