//Cheeky Velvet Talks on Her Newest Single “Sugar Daddy” & Brings the Bubblegum Pop to Bombay Rock

Cheeky Velvet Talks on Her Newest Single “Sugar Daddy” & Brings the Bubblegum Pop to Bombay Rock

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Bubblegum Pop madness and outfits to match, Cheeky Velvet is launching her newest sassy single “Sugar Daddy” at Bombay Rock Friday 27thSeptember.

Cheeky Velvet is set to bring a colourful and extremely lively set jam packed full of bubbly entertainment.

We took a moment to chat to lead singer Jackie about the making of her newest single “Sugar Daddy” and her creative processes with music and performance.

Hook in for an entertaining read. See you at the show!

Live Music Brunswick

Thanks for taking some time to chat with us Jackie. Firstly can you tell us a little bit about Cheeky Velvet? 

For sure! I’m an Australian Pop Singer & Songwriter who goes by the stage moniker ‘Cheeky Velvet’. ‘Cheeky Velvet’ is very much this character I’ve created on stage, much like Lady Gaga, David Bowie and artists like Melanie Martinez.

Tell us about the beginning, how did you get started?

I’ve always loved music, I actually played cello at school – (no one believes me now since I’ve made the transition to bubblegum pop) I also did guitar lessons and was writing my own music as a teen. I would actually impersonate ‘Lady Gaga’ all the time at school, I even created my own disco stick made of rock salt and LED lights, I really fell in love with performing. I knew I was never going to be a straight and narrow artist so I created this world where I got to sing, dance and act. I remember my first singing lesson – I walked out and LITERALLY skipped down the street of Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley and I remember thinking this is IT! I’m going to be a singer and I’m pretty stubborn so it was decided no take-backsies. 

Who are your musical influences?

My Dad would play the best and worst of the 70s and 80s so I would listen to artists like Queen, AC/DC, ABBA, The Police, The Sweet, Skyhooks  & even Meatloaf. My Dad also worships women of rock like Pat Benatar, Blondie & Cheetah. So I always had strong women to look up to. 

I also just love pop music like Gwen Stefani, Lily Allen, Kesha, Gaga (obviously) and The Veronicas. I definitely go through music and fashion stages so you can see in my shows I like to change up my style and my music is constantly changing depending on my mood. 

You have a new single “Sugar Daddy” which you will be launching at Bombay Rock Friday 27thSeptember, how are you feeling about it?

SO EXCITED! Been sitting on this one for a while as well, so very keen to send it off into the world! 

What gave you the creative juice to write this song? And how did the song writing process unfold?

I kept seeing memes about ‘Sugar Daddies’ and I always thought it was just a funny idea and this chorus came to me ‘SHE’S. GOT. A. Sugar Daddy’. I took it to my guitarist mate, Zane Javernig and he helped write it and piece it together and added some badass riffs. I remember sitting on the floor of my apartment, writing the bridge lyrics and I was thinking of sugar-food-references. I knew I had to put the ‘SUGAR-HONEY-ICE-TEA’ line in there. 

What’s Sugar Daddy about? 

I’ve always been fascinated by the whole ‘Sugar Daddy’ dating arrangement which has become more common with online dating. I wrote ‘Sugar Daddy’ about two very selfish people, she wants money but he wants to ‘buy a girlfriend’ to wear on his arm at parties. They couldn’t care less about each other, it’s a comment on materialism and maintaining appearance in our society that screams for appearance. It’s meant to be a bit of a fun song, I don’t take myself too seriously when I write music. 

Who produces your tracks?

The fabulous Hayden Johns from Brisbane – he not only produces and engineers my tracks, he plays the freaking KEYTAR!!!! And he does all the synths/keys on my tracks and is one of those talented musical geniuses. He hears literally everything, he’s the best person to record and workshop songs with, I always joke that he has ears like a bat. He’s a lot of fun to perform/tour and work with he’s like the goofy dad and makes everyone laugh.  Sometimes I call him with random questions about my show – one time I called him and was like ‘uhh random question….DO YOU KNOW HOW TO PLAY DRUNKEN SAILOR’ and he was like ‘uhhh yeahhh??’ He’s currently playing keys for his band ‘The Urban Sea’ and working on his own solo stuff under his name Hayden Johns. 

Live Music Brunswick

You really create a whole show, with costumes, makeup and back-up dancers! Do you choreograph the moves and design the costumes yourself? What does this process look like?

My dancers are amazing – they do most of the choreo and I make some suggestions and tell them what I like and what I envision. I would never call myself a dancer – it’s definitely something I have to really work at but I love doing it. 

It’s definitely a Pop Show – I write it as a story with running interludes – usually tailored to each show. Some costumes I make, some are bits and pieces put together and some are brought from different places, Op Shops, Vintage, Dolls Kill. I’ve had a few outfits made for my show as well. I tend to hot glue gun together a lot of different outfits. – I love making pieces. 

How often do you and your dancers rehearse? 

Twice a week at the moment and we also go home and do rehearsal individually and then come together. 

How many Tracks have you released? 

I have an EP out called ‘The Adventures of Velvet’ and a few singles off of this upcoming album. You can check out ‘Hello Sailor’ ‘Slay Queen’ and my track ‘Hickey’. 

What do you love most about being a performer?

I love being a bit of a shock artist – doing things on stage that you wouldn’t expect and seeing everyone’s reactions! Also seeing people dance and rock out to my music – there’s nothing like it. 

Do you have plans for any more new music in the future?

There’s an album on the way next year! and dropping some new singles early next year too! The album’s called ‘Honeymoon’. 

Where can fans listen, and buy your new single “Sugar Daddy”? (Drop a link)!

It’s available to stream on SPOTIFY: So make sure you’re following me ‘Cheeky Velvet’

Spotify:  https://spoti.fi/2qEbyMA  

Also will be available everwhere else iTunes, Bandcamp (the usual) 

  1. And where can they follow you? (Also drop a link!)

Follow ‘Cheeky Velvet’ here: 

Facebook: https://bit.ly/2sgzGWu 


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