//Bombay Rock Goes Jurassic with Prehistoric Douche

Bombay Rock Goes Jurassic with Prehistoric Douche

To get things in motion, could you tell us how Prehistoric Douche got started? How did you find each other?

Initially we met each other through our other bands Spacejunk and SWHAT when we did a mini regional tour together of Victoria a few years back. There were a few gigs each of these bands had to pull out of around the same time and we hastily put together Prehistoric Douche to fill in as an MC5/Stooges cover band. 

Where does the name Prehistoric Douche come from? What’s the story?

To prepare for the last minute fill in gigs we needed to sort out a name asap and the Douche messenger confab began. Between the four of us someone suggested Prehistoric as a starting point and was soon followed up with a selection of suggestions, one of them being dildoes before we landed on Douche. 

You define your genre as “Dinosaur Rock”, how would you describe that? 

Post-Pleistocene Rock. 

Who writes the music in the band? 

It’s a group effort. We’re all pretty good at listening in to each other’s cues when jamming and frameworks of songs emerge as we communicate via our instruments. Afterwards we have a chat and trim the fat where needed.

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What does your creative process look like?

Rock up to a rehearsal session, share some hummus, gasbag for 2 hours, quickly set up and bash out a few ideas before it gets too late.

You guys have been super busy with your recent relelase “Top of the Food Chain”. How do you feel it is being received so far?

The first leg of the LP tour through Victoria, QLD and South Australia was heaps of fun. It feels like all of the shows went down well, particularly the Sat arvo front bar shows at The Tote back during the April residency. It was great being on ground level with all the punters who were up close and personal either standing, sitting, walking past or dancing in a tight squeeze. There is something special about that time of the afternoon when the sun is setting and people’s circadian rhythms begin to mutate as they settle in to a few beers around a band. 

A few songs from the LP have been getting a spin here and there on community radio stations around the country, which is awesome! Also, it’s been great meeting, playing and making new friends with the other bands who’ve joined us thus far on the tour. Plus it’s been a blast working alongside Dirtyflair Record Company too!  

How is your current tour going?

We kicked off the tour a few weeks back playing at the Brewtality festival and brought along a shark piñata for the audience to disembowel. It was quite fun watching them get involved in the autopsy although some punters got overly excited when the poor old shark was flattened into a stingray and started performing elbow drops on it.

We’re looking forward to the rest of the tour and sharing the stages with The Glycereens, River Of Snakes, Shit Tatts, Levitating Churches, Nunchukka Superfly, Thee Evil Twin, Aberration, The Space Boozies, Skinpin and Rubber Necker. 

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Favourite thing about touring?

Leaving our worries behind and enjoying the process. 

What’s next for Prehistoric Douche?

We have a few more local gigs lined up for the remainder of this year and we’ll start solidifying a batch of new material we’ve had lingering for a little while now.

Where can fans find your music? Drop your links!!

Online you can purchase a copy with the standard or limited edition cover from the Dirtyflair Record Company bandcamp page at https://dirtyflairrecordcompany.bandcamp.com

It’s also available at Off The Hip records https://www.facebook.com/offthehiprecords/ and Zo Damage’s gallery at the Queen Vic Market https://zodamage.com

And of course at our up and coming gigs.

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