//Queensland’s Dynamic Duo Salt & Steel bring Foot Stomping Rhythms to Bombay Rock

Queensland’s Dynamic Duo Salt & Steel bring Foot Stomping Rhythms to Bombay Rock

Wild earth-loving music gypsies Salt & Steel are set to bring their energetic show to Bombay Rock on Thursday 11th July 2019.  With foot stomping rhythms and lyrics inspired by the earth, be ready to surrender your spirit and immerse yourself in the sound of this dynamic duo.

Winners of Buskers by the Creek 2016; Most Deserving Band of Byron Bay Bluesfest on the Busking Stage 2017; the Passport to Airlie Beach Festival of Music in 2017, Salt & Steel show no signs of slowing down their musical voyage. 

Currently on tour for their newest release “The Beast, the Devil and Me” Gold Coast rock duo’s percussionist Elle Steel took some time to have a quick chat to us about their music and touring Australia. 

How did Salt & Steel get started?

Before Salt & Steel, we were travelling in New Zealand when our car broke down and we ran out of money. Since Briony had her guitar we decided to start busking I hadn’t played an instrument before but decided to start playing a small djembe. We loved it and things grew from there.

As things grew did you have big plans for the duo, or did you find yourself gaining traction and thought, “yeah, let’s keep this going”?

Haha! We were stoked when someone asked us to play a gig after playing at an open mic in Gold Coast. I can’t say we were any good but were happy to say we played a “gig”! From there, each gig rolled into another. When we won a comp we thought, “Holy shit! Maybe we can keep doing this!”

How did you come up with the name Salt & Steel?

Briony means Salty ocean or water and my name is Elle Steel.

You mentioned winning your first competition and you have won a few since then, how was that? Were you expecting to win?

This might sound cliché, but the comps we entered, we entered with the mindset of learning and growing. To win is a huge achievement for us and we’ve taken them as a sign that we are going in the right direction

We saw you have released a four-part single series using the natural elements of earth. What was the influence behind that?

Nature has always been a massive inspiration in our lives and our music. As we have become more and more busy with Salt & Steel, we have had less time for exploring and spending time in the wild. The elements series have allowed us to give ourselves the time to get back out into nature as each single of this series is inspired by it.

Your second-part of four-part single series “The Beast, The Devil and Me” has just been released how do you feel it is being received?

We are stoked with how “The Beast, The Devil and Me” has been received so far! We knew before releasing it that it’s quite an unusual song, so to have had the response it has had, including Triple J and overseas radio play is amazing. It has helped us feel stronger and more confident in writing what we want. We also feel we are moving in a more Rock genre direction now, which is where we want to be at this point in time.

What does a day in the life of Salt & Steel currently look like?

We usually wake up in a new place most days as we are living the van life right now! At the moment we usually try to fit in some exercise, check out the area, sometimes find a place to rehearse (often in a park somewhere), have a swim when we can (if we’re feeling brave- it’s so cold at the moment!) and try fit in some time to catch up on emails and all the behind the scenes stuff of Salt & Steel.

How does your creative process go?

I don’t think we have ever sat down with the intention of writing a song and been successful. Songs just come to us and get shaped as we jam them.

After Bombay Rock where are you headed?

We have a string of shows to continue the “The Beast, The Devil and Me” Tour including Sydney, Jamberoo Music Festival, Jindabyne then Adelaide. After that, we are back up in Gold Coast and continue our musical adventure back along the east. We have plans to play a few more shows in the Melbourne area, including festivals this year!

When can we expect to hear the rest of your four-part single series?

We have one more single coming before the end of the year, at the moment it’s looking like September.. So keep an eye and ear out for that!

Where can fans find your music? Drop a link!

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6OfiFGY3N7LvGDeocGuTCX?si=boQ6wQTRR9Wyrs7UIOj_cg

Keep in touch via Insta and Facebook:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/saltandsteelmusic/ 

Be sure to catch Salt and Steel alongside locals Rusted tongue, The Featherheads and Good Morning Kaos at Bombay Rock for a night of Rock, Roots, Blues, Folk style music.

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