//Cosmic Kahuna Bring CalJam Festival Stadium-Worthy-Set to Brunswick

Cosmic Kahuna Bring CalJam Festival Stadium-Worthy-Set to Brunswick

Melbourne based band Cosmic Kahunas charge into Bombay Rock Friday 12thJuly to play their riff-fuelled Surf-Punk music. Fresh from the 2018 CalJam Festival in California, Cosmic Kahunas are ready shake up Brunswick with their stadium-worthy set.

Fans of “Abrasive, aggressive, out-of-control motor fuelled rock n’ roll” are especially in for a treat at this anticipated gig.

Before hitting the Bombay stage Cosmic Kahunas vocalist/lead guitarist Doze sat down with us for a quick interview about the band.

How did Cosmic Kahuna get started?

We started when the three of us (whom were all neighbours at the time) wanted to knock around a few riffs on a pleasant Saturday afternoon. Not taking it very serious at the time, Adam had the idea of creating a goofy surf-punk group named Cosmic Kahuna. Five years later the sound has changed but the name has not.

What did the early days of your band look like? 

Our first gig ever was at The Old Bar in April 2014. We were a much different band back then, playing more punk and spacey/experimental influenced music. It wasn’t until Jack joined the band on drums at the end of 2014 that we really started to find our sound. His hard-hitting, aggressive drum style really gave Adam and myself a kick up the rear and brought our song writing up a notch.

Since then Cosmic Kahuna has played with the likes of Jack Black, Billy Idol and Nirvana how does it feel to skyrocket to playing a stadium at CalJam with some of the greats?

It definitely felt better than the 30,000 ft plummet to back to reality which was our next gig in a driveway in Preston haha. But seriously CalJam was insane! Every band ripped and there was so much on that it was impossible to do everything one would like to do over two days. It kind of felt like going to Big Day Out when you were a teenager and running across the showgrounds frantically trying to see every band you like, but on top of that there were a ton of added perks being an artist playing at the festival. I personally missed Tenacious D’s entire set to have a yak with some members of Garbage backstage. Judging from reports of their performance, I’m still ambivalent about my choice haha. And seeing the Nirvana reunion… Oh my god, hands down the best goddamn thing I ever saw!

How would you describe your sound?

Abrasive, aggressive, out-of-control motor fuelled rock n roll. It’s lewd, lascivious, salacious and outrageous!

I’ve read you do the bulk of your song writing on a roof!! Who’s roof? Why a roof?

We’ve found through trial and error that song writing on a roof brings us closer to god (Lemmy) and gives us that lyrical perspective that only a cold windy Melbourne day can give.

Haha Great. What is your craziest tour story?

Getting thrown in the slammer by UK border security on the premise of tax evasion whilst attempting to get a bus to London (they thought we were on some serious money) and then getting escorted by French police back to the bus terminal after 12 hours in a cell. The silver lining was being able to speak a few French profanities I had picked up to the cops and pointing to the UK customs building and them having a chuckle. The two hour walk into the next town with all of our gear definitely sucked the most though.

How does Cosmic Kahuna prepare for a rockin’ gig? 

A nice glass of warm milk, a little nap, and a total frontal lobotomy!

You’re starting The Blastfeet Tour with The Daggar, Goon-on-the-Rocks, and Veto (France) this Friday night at Bombay Rock, very exciting, what are you most looking forward to?

Aching to see VETO perform as we watched them practice last night and they rule! Cannot wait to see them blow some Australian eardrums with their ballads pertaining to wine and cheese. And for Goon on the Rocks to cut sick and hopefully wreck the joint. Sonically that is, haha! Really looking forward to playing a bunch of new shows with some new material and catching up with a few cool cats we haven’t seen in a while.

VETO has flown over from France the join The Blastfeet Tour, how did you guys meet and can you tell us a little about the DIY hardcore punk band?

About a year and a half ago we were planning a tour of Europe and we contacted some promoters recommended to us by our peers, but they didn’t want to touch us. So Adam contacted a DIY punk group on Facebook and asked for some leads on a tour promoter. As he is Italian (generally people have trouble pronouncing his surname), he took on the moniker Adam De Beaumarchais ala Apu in the episode of The Simpsons where they form a  barbershop quartet.

Our soon-to-become friend Clement saw this post and assumed us to be of French nobility and agreed to organise us a European tour with a strong presence in France. Little did he know that the group he agreed to tour with were a bunch of monolingual, half-soused yobbos who were set to raise hell in the historical seaside town of Dunkerque.

Fortunately the tour was a great success and we made many friends and rocked towns along the way. Clement of course is the front man of Dunkerque DIY hardcore group VETO and that is how we are involved with them. We are ecstatic to be able to share the stage with them across this Australian tour.

Do you have any new music pending release? If so, when can we expect to hear it?

Maybe we do and maybe we don’t. You’ll have to get on down to one of these shows to find out! But seriously, you can expect to hear a blistering new album at the beginning of 2020 which you are sure to get a taste of over the coming weekends!

What else does Cosmic Kahuna have planned for 2019?

Writing and recording at present, there are also some exciting things coming up that I must remain tight lipped about at present but stay tuned!

Joining Cosmic Kahunas on The Blastfeet Tour are Goon On The Rocks, VETO (France), and The Daggar.

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