//Back From a Five Year Absence, The Dirty F Are Set to Deliver a Raw and Passionate Performance

Back From a Five Year Absence, The Dirty F Are Set to Deliver a Raw and Passionate Performance

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After a five year hiatus, The Dirty F are back and ready to surmount the Bombay Rock stage. Proclaiming to tread the fine line between a wasted life and a heralded existence, The Dirty F ensnare audiences with their emotive lyrics and intense dynamic composition. With influences ranging from The Cramps to Joy Division and extensive genres in between, they sing about the true will of humanity, love, passion and reckless behaviour

Julian Medor, The Dirty F guitarist and musical virtuoso behind LONG HOURS, took some time to have a quick chat with us before the show. 

How did The Dirty F get started?

It started around 2009-2010 with James & Tom haphazardly writing music together. They showed me what they were doing & I instantly knew I had to be involved. It was the first time I’d experienced being drawn in that way.

After a 5 year break, the band has recently reformed. Could you tell us a little about that?

We took a break because the rest of the band members started travelling & it lost some momentum. I became heavily involved in other music projects in the meantime. We really devoted a lot of brooding cathartic energy into all the shows, writing & recording during the 3 and a bit years together. Our attitudes began to spur a lot as well. I’m glad the three of them kept in touch while I was busy doing my own thing, I think it helped get us back to this point now.

Could you tell us about the other music projects you were involved in?

Yes. I play in I am Duckeye which has been playing & touring for 10 years. I started Pegbucket after Dirty F began to stop. I also play in CLIP & recently began a solo project called LONG HOURS. I’ve released 2 albums, an EP & am about to release my 3rd album.

That’s really impressive! I see LONG HOURS are playing Bombay Rock Friday July 19th as well, are you still actively playing in the other bands as well?

Yes. A couple aren’t doing much right now. But they’re still a thing. I don’t sleep much. But I like it.

What does your songwriting process look like?

In some scenarios, the process starts with a guitar idea. But in many occasions, it starts with the visceral connection I’ve always had with Dirty F, it’s hard to describe that sensation. 

Next thing you know you’re all into it so quickly, changing & moving the song together and you’ve never played it before that very moment. I live for that feeling. With LONG HOURS, I try to capture that spontaneity on my own. That in itself is something I’ve never experienced up until now. It’s like feeling possessed.

The feeling of being possessed, do you feel this on stage too?

To some degree. Particularly as though I’ve lost control & can see myself moving & writhing. I see my shadow & I feel as though I’m puppeted by something, by the urgency to perform & deliver as much as possible into that 30-45minute set. This sensation has permeated into all of the groups I’ve been in.

How would you describe the current sound of The Dirty F?

I still think it’s similar to what we wrote & perform still. There’s maybe some more dynamic & vocally it’s more refined.

Do you have any all-time favorite songs you have written?

I’ll go with Cinnamon & Do I Make You Alive

What are the future plans for The Dirty F?

We’ve written 6 new songs. We’ll record them soon & put out an EP. Keep playing shows, keep being friends.

When can we expect to hear the EP?

Most likely before the end of the year.

Where can fans find your music? 

You can hear our music on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube & live this Friday night at Bombay Rock

Catch The Dirty F and Julian’s solo LONG HOURS at Bombay Rock Friday July 19th alongside The Velvet Cobras and Pigs of The Roman Empire.

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