//The Mercy Kills, from Headlining in Noumea to Headlining Bombay

The Mercy Kills, from Headlining in Noumea to Headlining Bombay

If you haven’t seen The Mercy Kills play live before, you’ve been missing out! Having just arrived back from headlining the Mont-Dore Rock festival in Noumea, TMK are set to bring the Rock to Bombay Friday June 14 with their face melting, high energy set!

Sharing the stage with special guests Kvlts Of Vice from Sydney and Vicious Addiction, and releasing a limited press of their brand new single Black Out/Loaded, this will be a night not to miss!

To start, tell us a little about the start for The Mercy Kills, where did you all meet, what brought you together?

The Mercy Kills formed and fused over a love of rock and alternative music.

We all knew each other from the Melbourne music scene. 
It felt like something was telling us to create something new, something we could get excited about.
Initially a trio, it soon became apparent that a twin guitar sound was needed, as our new demo recordings had multiple guitar tracks.
After much deliberation, Nathalie Gelle, was invited to join Jen X, Josh Black and Mark E.
Now officially a four piece, the band not only had the tried and tested two guitar, bass and drums set up but also a dynamic two girl, two guy vocal attack.

How long has the band been playing together for?

The Mercy Kills line up has remained unchanged for over a decade and is going strong.

Who writes the music in The Mercy Kills?

We all write lyrics and music. Sometimes together, sometimes individually, everyone has an equal input. 
This has always been an important factor for the band.

Your new single Black Out was released recently, how is it going?

Our latest release is the new single Black Out/Loaded and it’s going great guns.
We’ve pressed up a run of CD’s especially for the Bombay Rock launch and we’re getting a great response from those who have heard it.
In the past we’ve released our music through a distribution label.
This time we’ve hooked it up ourselves on to all the major digital platforms.
It will be interesting to see how it all goes with downloads and streaming.

What was the inspiration behind the song?

The song Black Out is inspired by personal experiences.
When the lights go out, to not give in and move on to something better.
There’s a little bit from all of us in this one.

You have just recently headlined at the Mont-Dore Rock festival in Noumea, New Caledonia. Tell us about it!

The Mont-Dore Rock Festival in New Caledonia was amazing and the crowd went nuts.
We were thrilled to be invited to headline Mont-Dore Rock after the promoter saw us perform in Melbourne. The festival is very well organised and has been run for the past four years.
The other Australian band to perform were The Spitting Swallows who put on high energy show. 
We had radio and newspaper interviews, meet and greets and made the evening news. 
We were treated like rock royalty.

Any crazy stories?

It did get crazy after the festival. The drinks rider was ridiculously massive so I won’t go into detail. Let’s just say, one of us really should have got stitches and my hotel room looked like a crime scene. We met some wild, cool people. 

You supported Courtney Love on her Australian Tour 2014, how did it feel!?

Supporting Courtney Love on her Australian tour was a trip.
We played seven cities as her only support band and she slayed every show.
A lot of people expected her to fail but she delivered in spades.
We’re Hole fans and standing side of stage each night was a pinch yourself moment.
We stayed out of her space at first but after a couple of shows she’s like “Hey guys, I like your band”. 

Tell us, what was she like? And what was she like to work with?

Courtney Love was a pleasure to work and tour with.
We’ll never forget laughing with her about the sexual habits of Koala’s and Ginger Wildheart telling us not to be shit as we walked out on stage for the first show. 

What is your proudest accomplishment as The Mercy Kills so far?

Our proudest accomplishment so far, apart from sharing the stage with some of our all time favourite performers and bands would simply be remaining true to what we set out to do.
The same four rock’n’roll kids, making music that we love and not giving a toss if no one else does. 

One last one, if you had to choose, would you rather be rich or famous?

Rich or famous? That could be a title for our next album, haha!

A little bit of column A and a little bit of column B please. 

From headlining a festival in Noumea to Bombay Rock. we are super excited to see what the Mercy Kills have in store for us!

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