//DevilMonkey Bring the Dirty-Pop-Space-Punk to Bombay Rock

DevilMonkey Bring the Dirty-Pop-Space-Punk to Bombay Rock

Ever heard of Dirty-Pop-Space-Punk? Neither had we, until we heard DevilMonkey. While the band name opens the imagination to a world of possibilities, we guarantee you will be not be expecting the auditory and visual experience that DevilMonkey are set to deliver. Clad in white boiler suits and eerie green masks, DevilMonkey’s will bring their unique blend of rock, punk and electro to the Bombay Rock stage Saturday July 8th. Joining them for the night is the stacked line-up of Dreamworm, Robots in Love and Deathbeat. This will be a night not to miss.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us today, firstly, how did DevilMonkey come about? How did the four of you meet?

DevilMonkey got started after some songs had been made that seemed ready to be played live. Jim & Nuno had known of each other for about 25 plus years with never having actually met so it made sense to have a chat about playing together. Beck was looking for something musically different to do & she knows Jims wife so there was another convo. D-Munks! We had a vocalist for our very first outing & he was WICKED…but he toddled off to the UK…we were sad 🙁 But some time later…Dex came into our lives, with his headless guitars & off-center everything else so it’s happy times!!!

How long have you been DevilMonkey for?

In our 6th year. We’ve changed since we started…musically & presentation wise. Initially, our songs were a little more mellow…but with some tough bits here & there. Over time the harder influences started creeping into the music & now we play dress-ups.

Your costumes are rad! Could you tell us a little about them?

Thanks! We don’t have to think too much about what we wear underneath them. We used them once for a themed gig we played. Originally it was with gas masks. Nuno’s idea. The first time we put them on for this horror show themed gig & walked into the venue. Some people became visibly unsettled. It was a winner. The gas masks were a bitch to sing/talk through though.

You have your green masks on when you perform, is this always the case?

This is always the case. The gas masks were shite…totes impractical. We tried surgical masks but they form an air lock when you try to inhale…& breathing becomes impossible when they become drenched in sweat (as they did). A dear friend put me onto the ones we currently use. Creepy AF if you saw someone dressed like that wandering around your house at night.

How would you describe your music?

We kind of don’t stick to one particular genre & most of our songs dip into different camps when they come together. It’s sort of “Dirty-Pop-Space-Punk”?

Who are your biggest musical influences?

So many…Killing Joke, Models, Pink Floyd, Massive Attack, Big Black, Public Enemy, Godflesh, New Order, Ministry, Augustus Pablo, LCD Soundsystem…

Who writes the music? Is it one person, or a collective effort?

Jim writes the music (mostly as a sketch), but it becomes a collective effort when everyone else starts putting their spin on things.

What does the creative process look like for you guys?

Okay…firstly, I have to start off by being a bit weird, which is pretty normal for me. I press the record button & then I’ll grab some sort of instrument & start noodling with it, then another…& another. Until I have this MASSIVE bowl of noodles I can start tossing around. Eventually I find something I think I want to hear & we’d want to play. & then I’ll present it to the others. I hate writing lyrics though…it holds me up & I outsource that job where I can.

DevilMonkey has played a bunch of gigs at Bombay Rock, any crazy stories you think we should know?

That joint is always good for crazy stories. Gotta thank Kacey & our gal Smasher for putting on a fine thing at Bombay. What happens at Bombay stays at Bombay 😉

How is the DevilMonkey EP being received?

The previous one did pretty good. Sold out of our initial pressing. Got loads of airplay about the place. We were pretty happy with how it went down overall.

Any plans to release more music in the near future? If so, what can we look out for? A single, EP, Album?

More releases coming! Next release from us will be a single, “Deluxe”, which features vocals from our dearest mate Elenor Rayner aka Robots in Love. Soon. Also got an album on the way, produced by Andrew Duffield (Models). Plus a neat AF video clip.

Where can fans find your music?

Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud…here’s a couple of links…


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