//Death By Carrot Loves You!!

Death By Carrot Loves You!!

Death by Carrot bring their unique brand of stoner rock riffs to Bombay Rock this Friday June 7th. With their distinct sound and iconic carrot caricatures we couldn’t miss the opportunity to catch up with them to find out more. In this short interview we provide for you a quick insight into the mind of band members Satin, KC, Cosmic and Luna. It sure is an abstract road into the Death By Carrot world.

Friday night at Bombay Rock expect nothing short of a riff fuelled frenzy with support from Mojo Pin, Planet of the 8s and Vessel.

Your band sounds bloody interesting and we are very excited to have you at Bombay Rock! We have put together a bunch of questions that we are dying to know. Thanks for taking the time to do this!

Our pleasure! Thank you for creating such a dope venue space where humans can gather and express!

To begin – How did Death By Carrot get started?

Gum-Tree Ads, Kennards Storage. Extensive riff sessions in Brisbane’s West End, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Degreaser, Zip Ties, Gaffer Tape, Late nights and early mornings.

Where did you find the inspiration for the band name?

Death By Carrot is technically a project more so than a band. But very long story short; it comesfrom dinner conversations surrounding “saving humanity”. Gotta choose your suffering hey?? It’s a bit of a choose your own adventure here on planet LIFE!.. up to you though; Carrot vs the Stick? Toxic Shock; spectrum of pleasure and pain? Through the eye? 1000 ways to die by Carrot, y’all tell us. What does it mean to achieve Death By Carrot? What does it all mean Basil???

The carrot drawings are wicked! Could you tell us a little about them? 

Only a little. They aretranslations of various song demos into “carrot-cature”. Further details on this subject are set to ninja mode.

What are some of the main influences on your music? 

Ordinary people, stuff surrounding day-to-day, moral injury stuff. The darkness inside us. Tantric back pain; feeling like a rabid road dog after thousands of kilometres and losing yourself to the Riffs. Gina is a temple and she rolls us deep into Psychonautic meditative pondering. Being Earth Born humans like you, we find ourselves looking up into the stars and philosophising too…

You guys have done heaps of shows in the past year, what’s been the most memorable moment?

Impossible. The ups and downs from community to community are many. We live across a vast land persisting through extreme circumstances, on the bleeding edge. We rely 100% on community for survival… and feel overwhelmed by all the precious interactions to date. Can’t rank the memorable moments… Oh but that one time… we accidentally played at a wake… better not get into it just here…  more of a cozy ‘round the fire kinda story.. oh the campsite tales! In the rainforest… over the desert… as we roll through the red earth and stare at the sun… come to a show and we’ll sing you songs of our adventures!

Do you know the exact number of shows you have done this past year?

Not enough! Our aim is perfecting an infinity loop around Australia which incorporates everyone, everywhere. We are currently plotting our sojourn across the Nullarbor, you got any hook ups in Perth? Don’t hesitate to contact us through riffs@dbcxoxo.comand put us in touch ❤️

When will the touring stop for Death By Carrot?

Well… we call it playing shows or gigging because “touring” is too expensive!! All those posters and not to mention the expenses, plus the extra expenses & posters too!! Besides, what’s the difference between us and, say, an electrician? We both want to work a proper week and have well defined tax deductions… Aren’t we merely logistics specialists hauling amps, gats and riffs? Second year observational geographists studying life through the pages of a temple window?? So in lieu of all that… where are the indie Aussie labels at??? And where can we get workers comp???? If you know the answer to this please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through riffs@dbcxoxo.com❤️

Where to next?

Australia is our focus… we build passionately for Australia… these songs are born here and regarding what’s happening. But we still haven’t delivered in Perth or Broome… must include them on our route. Eventually we’d love to collaborate with New Zealand, Indonesia, Japan and even further from home … figure we should say hello to our neighbors first but – “where to next?” … we desire participation in a thriving Australian “Alternative Culture” scene. A meaningful and sustainable flow of events around the country built on collaboration, community and communication at the indie level… culture mashups are dope. RIVETING

Who writes the music?

Isn’t song writing a love affair? We don’t kiss and tell. It’s a form of stream-of-consciousness…. Further details on this subject are set to ninja mode.

What does your creative process look like?

Perhaps think of it like a photographer… waiting… for the sky to reveal itself to her.. in the perfect light..  the perfect frame… precipice of a “perfect moment” … and … [sound of button shutter].

Any plans for a new album?

About that… we were travelling around with our mobile recording rig Simon, come to Pepé’s House of Pleasure in Adelaide and a power cord gets kicked … poof. LP 1 carked it. We were almost done too… but, yeah nah…  just the bandcamp demos while Albums 1 & 2 have yet to be released.

I see you only sell your self-titled album at live shows, is there a reason for that?

Attendance .. folks attending shows are sharing their most precious resource with us; time.  We aim to create value added experiences at the shows… including limited and early editions of Psychonautic (LP1) and it’s follow up Earth Born (LP2). Both will be sold at shows first… but we can’t afford recording them full on yet… because cost of fuel and H2O is “un-fucking-ropable…  and we must find a solution” . Live performance is our priority… however… & by the way… where the indie Ausssie labels at?

Where can people go to find your music?

Shows. Come to our performances. Step one: Search for deathbycarrotlovesyou on facebook and go to our Events list. Step two: attend said performance. Step three: Riffs n Repeat.

Any last thoughts?

Don’t forget, Death by Carrot Loves You… see you on Friday Folks

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