//Winter Moon Ready to Rock Bombay with a Set Hot Enough to Warm Your Winter Blues

Winter Moon Ready to Rock Bombay with a Set Hot Enough to Warm Your Winter Blues

Winter Moon’s Make Real, Make Believe album tour brings a rad four band line-up to Bombay Rock this Saturday night! Premiering their album to the suburb of Brunswick, expect to hear their new album loud, clear and well-rehearsed.  Patrons are in for a treat with the crystal clear vocals of lead singer Milly, along with the immersive Psych-Rock/Soul five piece band. Get ready to rock this Saturday!! Supports include: Sordid Ordeal, The Dead Amigos and Patient Lounge.

We were lucky to have a quick chat with Milly before the gig.

To start off, thanks for taking the time to talk to us and congratulations on the new album. How long has Winter Moon been around?

We’ve been playing tunes as Winter Moon for over 7 years. We began as a duo, then a trio and had other variations as well. I feel that when Lyle (drummer and co-writer) joined the group just over 4 years ago we really began to solidify our sound and tune in to what Winter Moon is now.

There are six of you in the band, how did you all meet?

So Jake (guitarist) and I (Milly – singer) met in NZ and moved to Aus together in 2009, we met Lyle via audition for a drummer (and thank god for that!). We met Lachlan (keys) and our current Bass player Paul through mutual muso friends and seeing bands we knew. Gorgeous Tess is Lyle’s partner and after the second gig with him I heard her sing at the bar, since then I’ve made her sing with me in the band haha!

You describe your music as a blend of Psych, Rock and Soul, what drew you to that style of music?

Our influences are crazy varied but I think the base of it comes from what we grew up listening to. Jake and I are obsessed with Pink Floyd and all big sound 70’s rock stuff so that kicked off what we started doing. Six people in a band means a LOT of different ideas and the sound we’ve come out with in the new album is very much a true expression of us as an ensemble. But you have to try to put a genre to it haha so Psych-Rock/Soul was the closest we could get!

Who writes the music?

We all do! I write lyrics and most of the vocal melodies but sometimes Lyle writes a midi track and sets my melody to an alto sax! But yeah, we all write our own parts as we jam from scratch or using someone’s song idea they’ve brought to the rehearsal space. It’s a pretty open process and I don’t think anyone owns any of the songs more than another member – we’re very much a collaborative group.

Your new Album ‘Make Real, Make Believe’ has just been released on the 9th of May, how is it being received?

So far really well by fans on the independent platforms! We’ve had an awesome response from our European fans who are of a very diverse age and background which is super inspiring. Our mainstream publicity has had a general feedback of ‘too dark’ or ‘too varied’ or ‘ doesn’t fit’ and well, that’s ok, we’ve never fit mainstream radio etc. and we’re ok with that. I’d prefer to make tunes I love that express who we are than tunes that follow a trend. I think the album is really diverse as far as a body of songs goes, so perhaps as we release more singles we’ll find the niches we fit into for certain tracks.

What inspired you to write this album?

Ah…so many things. Firstly – 4 years together and no album! We were so ready, the songs and sound and timing was right! Also, lyrically I had some shit to say! I’d spent a good year in self-discovery then another year in a toxic home environment, navigating some very judgmental vibes. Finally I found myself taking back my own worth and power, and that is what I wrote into our music. So, the album is inspired by all who honor and own what they have, who inspire others without judgment, and who are inspired by their needs to express themselves creatively.

Do you have a favorite track on the album?

It’s a really hard question. I’m SO proud of the whole album, I’ve never been more proud of anything I’ve been a part of! Little One is a track really close to my heart and Who Are You was soul splittingly cathartic for me. I love Take The Trip for a good dance and Shake it Up because it’s so different for us!

You’re On Tour at the moment, having finished your NSW leg and back in VIC, how are the live shows going?

It’s been amazing!!!!! The audience is so diverse and it’s so incredible to see so many different kinds of people find something they like in our shows!  We get pretty loose haha. We have had some damn good dancing crowds – it’s been wicked!

Where can people listen to Make Real, Make Believe?

On all the things!! Spotify / Bandcamp / Facebook etc.

Any plans for new music after you return home from tour?

Absolutely. I think this album has been so exciting for us all – it’s like that freaky adrenaline rush like your sky diving and you’re like omg can I do this fuck fuck fuck fuck…then you jump! It’s the best thing ever and when you hit the ground at the end your screaming “let’s do that again!”

What are your thoughts on the Melbourne launch at Bombay Rock this Saturday?

CANNOT BLOODY WAIT. The boys from Sordid Ordeal, The Dead Amigos and Patient Lounge are such legends, we are so ready for a good Melbourne rock n roll night!!!

We are super excited to have Winter Moon playing at Bombay Rock, going to be an amazing night!

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