//Topnovil to Play at Bombay Rock’s Princess Party Palooza

Topnovil to Play at Bombay Rock’s Princess Party Palooza

This Saturday dust off your prettiest frock or fanciest suit of armor because Bombay Rock is playing host to the magnificent Princess Party Palooza! Featuring 14 live acts from 3pm onwards and with a fabulous princess theme dress up! Free entry, cheap drinks and the party will be going well into the wee hours of the morning.

The build up for this event has been big and to nudge the hype a bit more, we sat down to ask Topnovil – an authentic fourth generation Australian Punk Rock band – a few burning questions. From European tours, songwriting and having a house blown up FOR REAL in their film clip, Topnovil have really made this interview well worth a read. Don’t miss them LIVE today at Bombay Rock! 303 Sydney Rd, Brunswick.

Topnovil Interview – With Dee Dee

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us today, I guess a good way to kick this off is to find out how long Topnovil has been around?

Topnovil started back in 1997 and has had various line up changes over the years, the current line up has been together for just over a year now.

In the way of music – how is it all going for Topnovil?

We have been busy playing shows most weekends promoting the ‘Out Of Order’ album around the country and catching up with our interstate mates and having a blast.

The band is signed to Contra Records in Germany, how did that come about?

Yeah we are signed to Contra Records, after we recorded ‘Blast The Stereo’ one of our close mates sent them a copy to listen to and it went from there. We are still pretty D.I.Y in Australia but they have really helped us with touring Europe and with getting us exposure over there.

You’ve toured Europe a few times now, what’s one of your craziest tour stories?

We have been to Europe 4 times now with each time getting crazier than the last, the shows get bigger and we get the opportunity to play shows with and hang out with so many of our favourite bands. Our tour manager Brille is an animal and he parties as hard as he works so every day there is a new crazy story but most probably not fit for print. Some memorable things for me were closing the Endless Summer festival in Germany after Cock Sparrer, getting stuck in the yellow vest riots in France, hanging with Lars Fredrikson, having crowds over there singing along with our songs and just getting to tour and see Europe with my Topnovil brothers.

What sort of creative process does Topnovil use?

I will usually come up with the words and basic melody then me and Lucko will nut out the riff together and demo it before Marcus and Lonny add their bass and drum parts and we will sort structure, intro and outros together in the praco room.

How long does it usually take you guys to nut out a song?

Each song is different some come together really quick but others I can sit on lyrics and ideas for months till I’m happy they are a song. Once lyrics are down it moves pretty quick, the process with ‘ Out Of Order’ was really different with Lonny being based in Melbourne. We sent him some demos then when we were on tour in Queensland the week before recording, me and him had a quick bash through the songs in Deano’s (from The Wrath) lounge room, probably went in a bit unprepared but that’s Topnovil and we are happy with the outcome.

Out of Order was released last year, how do you think it’s been received so far?

The album came out on vinyl just in time for our European tour and it was received really well over there and we put it out on CD and digitally when we got back to Australia. We did not do a standard release tour over here but we have been taking it out on the road whenever/wherever we can and the new songs in the set have been going down great. We have just released a new video clip for the song ‘Nadine’ and the response to that has been unbelievable for us.

Is there plans for a new album?

We are always thinking of the next recording even though we prefer to be out on the road playing shows. I have a few songs on the go at the moment and they are just about ready for demoing.

Excellent, when can fans expect to hear the new songs?

New songs usually get drip fed into our live shows so we can see if they work as well as it gives us time to write enough songs for a release, we have no set date for a new release as yet but new songs will start to show up in the set list real soon.

I gotta ask, in your ‘NO COMPROMISE’ film clip, did the house really get blown up? Or is that an after effect?

That was all 100% real and one of the best things we have been a part of. The rider is Jacko Strong and the house was on his property near Wagga, it was filmed for his promo reel for the American X games and we were lucky enough to get a film clip out of it. They had the house filled with explosives and only had one chance to get it right. Check out some of Jacko’s clips he is a mad man.

Thanks again for talking with us today, to wrap everything up, what are you thoughts on our venue Bombay Rock?

Topnovil have played Bombay a few times now and every time has been a blast, it is the perfect party venue, perfect for seeing bands and hanging out till all hours after the show. I think it will only get better with time as there is so much potential with the bigger rooms upstairs. We are looking forward to catching up with the Bombay crew this Saturday for Kacey’s Birthday show.

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