//Bat Rock #2 at Bombay Rock – The Kat O Army Teams up in Full Force to Rock Out for a Good Cause

Bat Rock #2 at Bombay Rock – The Kat O Army Teams up in Full Force to Rock Out for a Good Cause

On Saturday 4th May, The Kat O Army and supporting acts will join together to play a loud and rockin’ gig at Bombay Rock to give a voice to the tiny pups of the sky – Bats.
Fly By Night is a Flying Fox and Bat rescue clinic in Melbourne founded and run by owner Tamsyn Hogarth. It was summer 2014 when Tamsyn witnessed hundreds of bats scattered on the ground hurt and dying, due to a severe heat wave. It was in that moment where she found Cesar – a premature bat who was found whimpering under his deceased mother. Cesar stole her heart and that’s when Fly By Night was started.
Kat Orgovany, lead singer of Kat O Army has heard the plead for help and is now running her second fundraiser after her first successful Bat Rock last year. Kat has put together an 8 band line-up of bat loving rockers, and will play live this Friday at Bombay Rock. Doors open 4pm and bands start from 5pm.

How did you get involved with the Fly ByNight organisation?

I’d been following them on social media for a while and last year they posted about running desperately low on fruit for all the Bats in care. I contacted Tamsyn, who runs the rescue, about putting on a fundraiser for them called Bat Rock as I had already done similar fundraisers before and she loved the idea.

I really didn’t notice there was an issue surrounding the little creatures, how did you initially come to the realisation yourself? 

Through Fly By Night Bat Clinic initially but lately I have seen a lot of news articles on their plight, so it’s great to see mainstream media picking up on it.

Are you a volunteer for the organisation? 

In a fundraising way, yes, but not in a physically saving Bats way.

How many active volunteers are there? 

Tamsyn mainly, as she is the only one who runs the Bat Clinic, and a number of volunteers as well.

I read the about section on the website www.flybynight.org.au and I found the story of the bats suffering greatly from the heat which I found very sad. For everyone else who felt the same, how can we help? 

The Bats having heat stress is a direct result of climate change and the earth warming. Donations help support the animals needing care but unfortunetly a huge percent cannot be saved. If you are keen to donate, head to Fly By Night website and select the support tab.

So you play in a band call The Kat O Army, how long has your band been together for? 

Almost two years.

Is your whole band involved in the organisation as well? 

It is mainly me but my band are animal lovers and are happy to play benefit gigs whenever they can.

Its great you guys are putting your gigs to a good cause! Are there any other charities you guys get involved in? 

I’ve been putting on Chihuahua Rock, an annual fundraiser for Chihuahua Rescue since 2015 and now have a Chihuahua cross from there! I’ve also done a Kitty Rock for a cat rescue and Hearts Rock which was for Found Hearts Animal Sanctuary in QLD which is the rescue I volunteer for. Our bass player Jess has also put on her own benefit gig for Starting Over Dog Rescue which is where she got her pooch from.

Your Debut EP ‘Love, Pain and Politics’ is out now – how is it going? 

That EP was released digitally in 2018 without much fanfare while I was in between line-ups but it did and still does get some good airplay on community radio here and in Adelaide. I was actually just notified by Apra that one of the songs has got some kind of publishing somewhere!

Are you planning on releasing some more new music in the future? 

We are currently recording an album and should have our new single ‘I’ll Meet You At The Milk Bar’ out soon. The video is going to be filmed in a Milk Bar!

Where can fans find your music?

We are on Triple J Unearthed and Soundcloud and you can buy the ‘Love, Pain and Politics’ EP through CD Baby.

Interesting facts to know before you head down to Bombay Rock this Friday night:

– Bats play a huge role in the regeneration of hardwood forests.
– Flying Foxes and bats eat fruit and pollen and can scatter 60,000 seeds in one night.
– Bats are responsible for pollinating peaches, bananas, durian, cloves, and agave, and many more!
– The Grey-Headed Flying Fox is one of the largest bats in Australia with a wingspan of over 1 meter.
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