//Eleven Band Line-Up Rockin’ Bombay this Weekend

Eleven Band Line-Up Rockin’ Bombay this Weekend

This Saturday dust off your prettiest frock or fanciest suit of armor because Bombay Rock is playing host to the magnificent Princess Party Palooza! Featuring 14 live acts from 3pm onwards and with a fabulous princess theme dress up! Free entry, cheap drinks and the party will be going well into the wee hours of the morning.

We managed to pin down the amazing Wolfpack who are playing on the day for a quick chat about their music, the awesome tours through Europe and the U.S. and the massive contributions they have made to supporting various animal charities.

How long have you guys been Wolfpack for?

Wolfpack started in October, 2011 then after a bit of lineup shuffling we were gigging non-stop from February, 2012. 

I have read a bit about the band, and it’s really inspiring to hear your 100% all for charity and are completely non-for-profit, what made you guys initially decide this? 

Playing in a band rules and we have no delusions of grandeur just really stoked to be here so wanted to do something positive with the little we do make as a DIY band. We already got free entry by playing at the gig plus a rider and then get to hang out with all our mates so that is surely payment enough. To have been able to make such a difference to the amazing charities that look after our furry friends is huge to us and we are stoked to say that still nearly 8 years on Wolfpack will never stop being 100% not-for-profit. 

Which charities are you involved in?

Victorian Dog Rescue, Save-A-Dog Scheme, Wildlife Victoria, Second Chance Animal Rescue, Best Friends Rescue (Brisbane), Lost Dogs Home, Forever Friends and all proceeds from the sale of our latest EP are going to Pets Haven in Woodend.

How much money have you raised to date?

$39,580 so far and pretty sure we’ll crack the 40K mark in May this year. 

So you guys played at Punk Rock Bowling Las Vegas in 2017, pretty cool, how did it go? 

Touring the US is equal parts frightening and fucken amazing. Crowds there are massive and we’ve been lucky enough to do two really well received full tours over there now but it’s definitely not for the faint hearted… their gun & gang culture has made for some very close calls whilst on the road. Being the only band from here to ever play PRB still trips me out so I’m super thankful we were able to represent the Melbourne scene and smash our main stage set.

What is your most memorable performance so far? 

It sounds lame to say but we’ve had so many great shows so it is impossible to say just 1. Being invited to be the last ever Australian band to play at legendary NZ venue Kings Arms is up there. Our first ever show in Japan was nuts too or the first US gig we did when on tour with DRI in 2016 which nearly turned into a riot after we refused to play until these Nazi skinheads were evicted from the venue, next time we will remember to check people aren’t armed before starting a fight with them!

As a band, how does your creative process go?

It goes one of two ways with us… it used to be it would start with my lyrics and a vocal melody over the drum beat but lately it has been more Kane bringing in a bass verse & chorus then me adding drums and marrying up some lyrics to that. Guitar is usually the last part of the process which actually works well for us… usually the riff is the heaviest part of a track but with us it’s the last thing to be added so it has to fight for its place in the song which pushes the band sonically and keeps us growing.

How long does it take for you guys to create a song?

Too long! Ha haha

Have you got any exciting things coming up that you would like to tell us about? 

We just finished a 16 show in 19 days national tour so the most exciting thing for us at the moment is catching up on sleep. 

Your most recent album “Seen Not Herd” – How is that going?

Seen Not Herd is going great and has raised over $4000 for Victorian Dog Rescue now. We still have some copies left and I’ll bring them to Kacey’s gig. 

Do you have plans to release a new album? If so when can we expect to hear it? And where can we get it?

Honestly we may never do another album. We have done 3 ep’s since Seen Not Herd and all have been very well received overseas and here. Being not-for-profit means finding the time and money to do a full length is really problematic so we tend to just bash out ep’s as we’ll demo songs and do our own pre-production at home then lay it all down in the studio in an afternoon. Same as with all facets of the band we have to keep it as cost effective as possible and Wolfpack will happily forego the luxury of extended time in the studio to keep helping our furry friends. 

Good tunes, good times and good booze is going to be a-flowing, so come down to Bombay Rock from 3pm this Saturday for the Princess Party Palooza of a life time that you don’t want to miss!

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