Friends! Lovers! Chosen family!

Though it disgusts us, Cassie and I are having a joint birthday party (we were born 2 years and 1 day apart)

With a shared love of music and babes, we will be dazzling you all with some amazing bands and burlesque dancers! YER WELCOME

There should be something for everyone, but if you prefer your evening a little less rock’n’roll, Bombay is complete with quieter booths, free pool, arcade games, giant Connect 4…basically it’s a playground for adults. With booze.

Free entry, $5 tinnies, cheap pizza and dumplings available from the bar (if you’re vegan or coeliac talk to Cass, she’s gonna sort out some snacks), and if you’re a super hungry bear there’s tonnes of good food places on nearby Sydney Rd.

Friends, family, partners, polycules all welcome (though probably not the best place for your small humans unless you wanna come early and leave early before it gets rowdy)


  • A Gazillion Angry Mexicans
  • Sarah EiDA
  • Traumaboys
  • Numbat
  • The Velvet Cobras
  • The Cigarrillos
  • Kandalini


  • Ainslie Adams
  • Lucky Dip